5. Adjustments and Responses

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Adjustments: Reducing Vulnerability through INSURANCE

Adjustments: Reducing Vulnerability through AID

Adjustments: Reducing Vulnerability through LAND-USE PLANNING

Land Use Planning – Zoning

You are going to be placed in a group for one of these areas. You have a limited amount of time to put together a presentation for the rest of the class. You should brainstorm your given topic thinking about different hazard types, different levels of development, examples, case studies, sources of possible information etc.






Make a larger copy of this table:

from geographyalltheway.com


Use this link to complete it. There is a lot of information here…

You are going to produce  separate answers to the following exam style question:

Describe an adjustment strategy for a named hazard [6 Marks]
You should each choose a different example and you will share them with one another when completed.

Disaster Responses

Iran welcomes foreign aid due to depth of killer quake



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