The Sustainable City

Sustainable cities are urban places that protect quality of life for both current and future generations. This is achieved by seeking to minimize their ecological footprint (a theoretical amount of land and water needed to provide all the resources needed by a city, and to dispose  of all waste created by the residents and businesses under prevailing technology).

Rogers - Sustainable city diagram

Sustainable cities Keynote defines sustainable cities and outlines some measures that cities are using to become sustainable. Curitiba article.pages Curitiba Case Study
Geo File Sustainable Cities Waste management Keynote.key



Last Word Activity – Read the article in the link that follows

How green is my city?

Then each person identifies a sentence (or two, maximum) which they felt passionate, intrigued, appalled by or otherwise caught their attention. Person 1 reads out their selection. Person 2 comments on it, followed by person 3 etc. Nobody comments on other’s comments or interrupts. When it gets back to person 1, they explain why they choose it and can reflect upon others’ comments if they so wish. Then we progress to person 2 and so on… Clear? If not, it will become so!

Some links:

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Foreign Policy – Cities Issue: Dec 6 2012 – full subscription in library

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The Guardian – Over 100 cities now mostly powered by renewable energy

This link is to the Living Geography site and some info about a zero-carbon, zero-waste eco-city

The Zero-emissions city of the future:

Sir Peter Hall, on Sustainable Urban Growth:


Hard-line developers in China divert a RIVER to encircle householders who refused to move from 900-year-old village

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