Sustainable City Case Studies

Indicators for sustainability

This file is an extensive look at what it means to be a sustainable city, which organisations are involved, what they do, the role of the MDG and some international case studies. Reading this and absorbing SOME of it would be the difference between a B and an A on a question about sustainability.

1. Dongtan, Chongmin Island, Shanghai, China

DONGTAN WIKIPEDIA Dongtan Eco-City Shanghai Dongtan
 …AND WHY IT FAILED! WHAT SANK DONGTAN? PLANS shrivel for Chinese Eco-City

Sustainable Urban Development and the Chinese Eco-City



2. Curitiba, Brazil



Sustainable development in Curitiba


3. Tianjin, China

Tianjin: A model Eco-city in the Eastern World

China’s eco-cities: Sustainable urban living in Tianjin


Finally, try these links:

Nanjing – Proposed Forest City

Superblocks – traffic management in Barcelona (BBC)

Waste management case studies

Sustainable City management

Urban ecological footprint

The Urban Footprint in the UK

Singapore – world’s first digital congestion charging system

Sustainable housing in the UK – Code for Sustainable Homes and Housing Sustainability Case Studies 2

Management of City growth an in-migration – China example

Sustainable pollution management -Huge document with multiple water case studies: Water Pollution Control  or smaller one with ONE:  Case Study II – Shanghai Huangpu River, China

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