5.2c – Cultural landscape changes in the built environment

Where in the world?

Starbucks_leeds stsrbucks_nanjing
starbuacks canada starbucks melbourne
starbucks paris starbucks london baker street

Starbucks Map Showing 20,834 Stores

Starbucks to enter India, targets 50 outlets by year-end

By the end of this section, you should be able to explain the evolution of uniform urban landscapes; the effects of common commercial activity, structures, styles of construction and infrastructure.

Screenshot 2014-02-14 11.55.33



DESTINATION CULTURE: How Globalization makes all Cities Look the Same

People’s Daily Online: City planners urged to stop building look-alike cities with “identical faces” [14 June 2010]

Rise of Britain’s homogenised high street [28 August 2004]

McDo: A love-’ate relationship? [10 October 2009]

Think Tank Warns on Clone Towns – BBC article

Attack of the clone towns – BBC article

UK’s Ultimate Clone Town – Daily Mail Article

Is globalisation americanisation? – BBC article

external image article-1312055-0B305C27000005DC-900_306x423.jpg

Explain what is meant by the homogenization of landscapes. [10 Marks]

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