3. Urban environmental & social stresses

Urban microclimates

Urban heat island effect – mitigation strategies from the EPA (USA)


Air pollution case studies

Air pollution in Asia (The Guardian 2016)

Air pollution & children’s health

How air pollution harms your health (The Guardian 2017)

1. Paris

Paris – BBC News (May 2018)

Paris to stop traffic when air pollution strikes (The Guardian 2015)

Paris – Emergency measures to combat smog a success (The Guardian 2015)

France to ban sales of petrol & diesel cars by 2040 (Th Guardian 2017)

Paris – pedestrianised right bank of the Seine (The Guardian 2018)


2. Beijing

Pollutionwatch – Beijing (The Guardian)

China tops WHO list for deadly outdoor air pollution (The Guardian 2016)


Traffic congestion management case studies


Contested land use changes

  1. Slum clearance

Harare & other cities in Zimbabwe (2005)


The Guardian – Slum clearance in Mumbai (2011)

Operation Murambatsvina in Zimbabwe – Wikipedia

UN summary – Operation Restore Order

 Mumbai slums – The Wilson Center
Satellite images reveal evidence of Zimbabwe demolitions  Riches rise from Mumbai slum clearance | Financial Times

2. Urban redevelopment

Perspectives of London’s 2102 redevelopment – The Guardian

Aerial view of the Olympic Park showing the Olympic Stadium and warm-up track in the foreground. Picture taken on 16 April 2012.

Caochangdi – demolition of art area in Beijing – Frieze.com  

Urban redevelopment in China – Fangzhicheng, Xian

China’s urban villages – Wikipedia

Urban redevelopment in China – The Guardian: Shenzhen ‘upgrades’ its urban villages


Depletion of green spaces

The Guardian – Garden cities: Can green spaces bring health & happiness?

The Guardian – Allotments in London

The Guardian: How public space is changing European cities

The Guardian: London’s parks accused of creeping privatisation (Aug 2018)

The Guardian – Children in social housing excluded from play area in London (March 2019)