5. Sustainability and the environment

Environmental sustainability defined by the Financial Times


The Environmental Performance Index (EPI) is produced by Yale university.


CASE STUDY – Mayor of London’s transport strategy

Key elements – 1. Congestion charge, 2. Green taxis & 3. Bicycle hire scheme

London congestion charge – Wikipedia


The Transport for London Congestion Charge Website



BBC News 1 – Congestion Charge a Success (2004)

BBC News 2 – Congestion Charge Scrapped (2011)

Guardian Newspaper 2007 – Congestion Charge to be extended

The Independent – Has the congestion charge been effective?

New Scientist – congestion charge did not improve air quality

Official Site – Effects of the charge

Related to the congestions charge – London’s cabs to go green & London’s cycle hire scheme also aim to reduce congestion and emissions.

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