The BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill 2010

source: Michael Kunzelman, Associated Press | January 29, 2013

and more from the BBC News


Can BP clean up its image?


Here is The Guardian newspaper with a whole host of linked articles about the spill:

And similar for the BBC:Screenshot 2014-02-13 09.45.31Screenshot 2014-02-13 09.48.34Screenshot 2014-02-13 09.51.51


Deepwater Horizon: Gulf of Mexico ‘deep-cleaned’ itself

And, just to ensure objective coverage:

And the US Government’s reactions:

Using these and other resources, build a case study answering these questions:

What happened? descriptive, using news and other footage as evidence

When and where did it happen? include a range of maps

Who was involved? during and after the accident

Why did it happen? legal and moral responsibility

What is the impact of this event? environmental impact and implications for the future of offshore oil production

Please include images for each section. Make the whole piece in pages, print to PDF in colour for display.

 To what extent are the environmental impacts of the global increase in demand for oil acceptable? [15 marks]

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