3. The changing importance of other energy sources

Aims of the lesson: To examine the changing importance of other energy sources.

To structure, research and produce an essay answering the following question:

Examine the changing importance of three energy alternatives to oil [15 marks]

Use of wind to power large ships – BBC News (March 2017)

How to go about this:

1. Prepare

Preparation – breakdown the question: What is the command term requiring? What does ‘changing importance’ mean?

Brainstorm energy alternatives to oil (and other fossil fuels)


2. You will be assigned different energy sources. Use the following ‘paragraph planner’ to research and structure your findings.

paragraph planner *

3. You will share your work so that you can collect together the work of two other members of the class – giving enough content for three paragraphs.

4. Add an outline for your introduction and conclusion.

Essay planning form *

Here are some suggested resources, but feel free to use others. DO NOT make the mistake of writing about fossil fuels!

App suggestion: Energy Stats [Free]

The BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2012:

US Energy Administration Information Service

What are non-fossil fuels? (Wisegeek)

Solar powered transportation

BBC Bitesize Geography Site


5. Mark someone else’s essay! (it must NOT be someone whose paragraph notes you used in your essay.)

6. Review the marks you have received. Do you agree?


* planning pages and activity taken from RIchard Allaway’s geographyalltheway site.

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