4. Conservation strategies

Recycling rates in Europe

Recycling rates in Europe

George Monbiot in the Guardian

In this short animation, Guardian columnist George Monbiot teams up with Leo Murray and green charity PIRC to explain the UK’s ‘carbon omissions’


Methods of reducing resource consumption

i) Conservation – Management of a resource in a sustainable way

The National Parks movement, started with the creation of Yellowstone in the USA, shows how areas of natural beauty can be conserved.

ii) Waste reduction

UK Government info on England’s 5p plastic bag tax

The Guardian announces the introduction of the 5p plastic bag tax in England

Daily Mail – evidence that plastic bag taxes work from Wales

iii) Recycling

Recycling from the US Environmental Protection Agency

Sita.co.uk is a recycling and waste management company in the UK.

Statistics on recycling of household waste in the UK – sita.co.uk

good.is – Recycling plastic is surprisingly complex

Click image for more info on recycling

Camden is a local government area in London. UK. These videos examine how waste and other issues are managed in a more sustainable way there.

iv) Substitution – Using more sustainable alternatives

The promise & pitfalls of bioplastic – Time Magazine

A bioplastic future?

The Guardian – Eco-crisp packet too noisy

The switch to renewable energy sources like solar, HEP and wind turbines from non-renewable sources like fossil fuel combustion is also an example of substitution. Example – Morocco has recently announce plans to introduce solar-based electricity generation.

The development of electric vehicles by Tesla and the traditional manufacturers (e.g. Ford, Toyota & Volkswagen) is another example.

Strategies to reduce resource consumption

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