The resurgence of nationalism – Scotland


Why are people against globalization? Brainstorm the possible reasons and viewpoints.

Anti-globalization movement

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Aim of this lesson:

  • To be able to discuss anti-globalization movements.

What is anti-globalization?


We can now see the true cost of globalisation


Protests in Seattle in late 1999 are seen as a watershed in the evolution of the anti-globalization movement:

    • Approximately 60000 (from 700 different groups) people descended on the city to take part in what has become known as the ‘Battle of Seattle’ between 29 November and 2 December 1999.
    • The WTO trade talks were postponed.
    • Rioting took place and damage was relatively widespread.
    • The US military intervened and declared martial law.
    • The media emphasized the anarchy and the chaos of the protest.
    • Bill Clinton, then President of the USA, decried the method of protest – but acknowledged the protesters had some worthwhile points to make.



Naomi Klein on how corporate branding has taken over America


“The greatest weapon of mass destruction is corporate economic globalization.” Discuss this statement. [15 Marks]Quote by Kenny Ausubel.


Aims of this lesson:

  • To be able to discuss [offer a considered and balanced review that includes a range of arguments, factors or hypotheses] the attempts to control migration into the United States of America.
  • Revise your case study of migration from Mexico to the USA

US control immigration through biometrics:

What now for America’s growling gatekeepers?

Exam style question:

Explain attempts to control migration into one named country [10 marks]

The markbands can be found here P3 Mark bands – you need to look at Paper 3 Part (a). essay-graphic

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