ATL Skills and Concepts



Keely and Thomas, (2015) The Move To Global War, OUP: UK

ATL Communication Skills: Essay Writing and Terminology

Here is a clear overview of the structure you need to master for an History Essay:

Essay writing Power Point

Essay writing scaffold
Use this template to help to structure your essays:
Essay template

The title of Paper 1 is: The Move to Global War

Paper 2 and 3

Here are some examples of student essays all of which scored a 7:
Spanish Civil War Essay
Selection of Paper 3 essays (non – NIS students)

ATL Thinking Skills: Creating an argument

These are some of the skills that we have used in class to help you to improve your thinking. Practice them to help you to think more deeply.

Claim – Support – Question (effects of the Spanish Civil War)
Word – Sentence – Phrase (George Orwelll’s reflection of the Spanish Civil War)
Colour – Symbol – Image (Nanjing Massacre Museum)
Connect – Extend – Challenge (Causes of the First World War)

ATL Research Skills: Internal Assessment

Research Notecards are attached here to assist you with conducting research for your Internal Assessment.

Research Notecards

APA – use the tab at the top of the page to help with your APA

ATL Self Management Skills: organisation


ATL Social Skills: Collaboration