Impact of World War One on China and Japan (HL)

1. China 1900 – 1919

A timeline of the key events of Chinese History in the 20th Century:


Here is a website that contains short videos about China.

2. China’s role in World War 1

* Find out about Yuan Shikai and the 21 demands

* Find out about China’s declaration of war on Germany on 1917 the Lansing Ishii Agreement

*Find out about the role played by China in World War One 

3. What is the ‘Mutilated Victory’?

*Mutilated victory – what did the Japanese get at Versailles? What didn’t they get that they wanted?

  • Was the settlement fair to Japan?
  • What problems were created for the future?

long term causes of war in the pacific

* What did the Chinese get at Versailles? Why didn’t they get what they wanted? Here is an

interesting article about the betrayal of China. Can you identify the perspectives in this? Betrayed Ally: how China was snubbed after World War I

This link is to and has the extract from the Treaty of Versailles in which Germany hands over some property to China:

3. The May 4th Movement and the New Culture Movement in China 1919

One result of the First World War in China was the New Culture Movement. This book from 1921 describes it:

The May4th Movement (1919) not only rebelled against China’s treatment in Versailles it was also linked to the New Culture Movement:

The May 4th Movement

4. Japan and the Post War Conferences – Paris, Washington and Geneva

What was the impact of these conferences in Japan?

Activity: In groups of 2 or 3 create a poster using the thinking routine Claim – Support – Challenge (you have already done this for the poster about why the central powers lost world war one; some are on the wall)

Begin by writing the question on the paper and making claims (what do you think would be the impacts of these conferences?). You are not allowed to do any research at this stage. Now check out these claims by trying to find evidence to support them (use a different colour). Finally write the questions that you still have – what are the challenges that remain? – use a third colour.

5. What was the impact of the first world war on China and Japan? 

Complete this mini unit by creating a mind map to answer this question.  You can work on your own, in a pair or in a group of three. You can either do this on paper or in your notebooks on on the computer uising Inspiration.  Give as much detail as you can. When you have all the impacts down create connections between them but finding the similarities and differences.