Italy during World War One

This is an amazing article about the White War between Italy and Austria -Hungary:

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1882 The Triple Alliance

The 1915 Treaty of London

The Battle of Vittorio Veneto 1918

The Mutilated Victory 1919

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Mark Robson, Italy: The Rise of Fascism 1915 – 45

What was the impact of World War One on Italy (a) economically (b) socially?

What role did Italy play in the Paris Peace Conference?

Why did some Italians regard the Peace Treaty as a “Mutilated Victory”?

Key figures:

Vittorio Orlando




Victor Emanuel

What was the Fiume Crisis 1919?

Why was it significant in the rise to power of Mussolini?

Who was Mussolini?

Watch this short movie about Mussolini’s background and rise to power:


Create a biography of Mussolini on one side of A3 using a Pages template.
Include the following:
*A Photo of Mussolini
*Key points about: childhood and family, life before the first world war, experience during the first world war, first political experiences up to 1921. BULLET POINTS ONLY
*Images or pictures to communicate Mussolini’s background
*No information after 1921.
What kind of leader was Mussolini?
Different Historian’s views of Mussolini
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Find out what fascism is. Here is an interesting You Tube video about Nietzsche, sometimes credited as the Philosopher behind Fascist ideology:

Mussolini – the origins of the Fascist Party

What are the origins of the Fascist Party in Italy? What is the history of Mussolini’s involvement in the Italian Fascist Party?

Make a chart to show the results of the elections between 1919 and 1922 in Italy. Use the template below:

Highlight the boxes which are the most interesting.

Make a note of who the Popolari were and what they stood for.
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The March on Rome 1922

This is an interesting article from 2002 about the myth of the March on Rome:

Research the March on Rome:

  • Write a list of 10 Googleable questions
  • Write a list of 5 non-Googleable question
  • Find at least 3 different perspectives of this event (ensure that you have the name of the historian)
  • With a partner find the answers. Use a sharing document such as Office 365 Onenote.

Here is the pdf from the textbook in class: Mussolini’s March on Rome

ATL Skills: Thinking / social / communication

Make a poster in class to answer the following questions in groups. Pay attention to the command term; analyse not describe!

Analyse the methods used by Mussolini to gain power as Prime Minister in 1922.

Analsye the factors that allowed Mussolini to gain power as Prime Minister in 1922.

Mussolini’s Consolidation of Power 1922 – 1925

Here are the extracts from the textbook:

Mussolini Consolidation of Power (1)    Mussolini Consolidation of Power (2)

ATL Skills: Communication – Notetaking

Practice your note-taking skills by taking notes on the key things Mussolini did when he came to power to consolidate his power.


The Murder of Matteotti 1925:

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Here is a good summary of Mussolini’s rise and consolidation of power:

Summary task: Nature, treatment and extent of opposition. What were the potential sources of opposition to Mussolini? What actions did he take to over come them?

Opposition Nature Extent of opposition Treatment of Opposition by Mussolini
Fascist Ras

Essay writing: Mussolini’s rise to power and consolidation of power.

Mussolini’s domestic policy

Mussolini Economic Policy

Mussolini-Social & Propaganda

What were Mussolini’s aims in domestic policy?
What methods were used to achieve the aims and how successful were they?

Research the ‘Battles’. Use the format: what / when / where / who / why? and How successful

Here are some introductory resources:

Mini Internal Assessment ATL skills: Research and Communication

Conduct an investigation using the Internal Assessment format, to answer the question:

Analyse the consequences of Mussolini’s policies on the treatment of women and minorities.

All the information you need is below, but use the APA tab at the top for help with APA and the Internal Assessment tab for in depth help with the format.

Mini IA task sheet      IA Guide and Criteria


History Today  (full access can be gained through Ebsco Host – no login codes required in school but outside of school use nislions nanjing) Here is a link to History Today through Ebsco Host:

Mussolini and the Jews in Italy SHP

Mussolini and women shp