Revision and Review

Timeline – how good is your chronology? Putting events into order is crucial to understanding why and how they happened. Have a go at this activity:



You also need to be able to understand which things were happening at the same time – simultaneously. To do this copy and complete this table. Add as many countries as you want and change the dates to fit the timeframe that you are finding difficult:

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 8.34.05 PM



Here are the views of 10 Historians about the causes of WW1:
Causes, Practices and Effects of wars
Review – wars
Civil Wars
Spanish Civil War 1936 – 1939
Chinese Civil War 1927 – 1937 and 1946 -9

Effects of World War One


Essay questions:

1.  Analyse the successes and failures of one post-First World War treaty. (HL paper 3 May 2010)

2. For what reasons, and to what extent, did attempts to achieve collective security between

1919 and 1939 fail? (HL paper 3 May 2010)

Compare and Contrast

Compare and contrast the rise to power of Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Lenin using these comparison grids

Rise to power

Compare and contrast the Consolidation of power of Mao, Stalin and Hitler

consolidation of power














Review sheet for Mao (including a comparison of Hitler and Mao)

Excellent site for a quick recap of Mao:


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