Peacemaking and Peacekeeping

Paper 1: Prescribed Subject 1: Peacemaking, Peacekeeping – International Relations 1918 – 1936

Paper 2: Causes and Effects of Wars

1. What were the terms of the Armistice in November 1918?

This link will take you to the primary document of the terms of the armistice signed by Germany in 1918.
Here is an explanation of the signing of the Armistice signed by Germany.
Both of these links are from firstworld

2. What were the Aims of the Big Three in Paris?

Aims of Big Three

Wilson’s 14 Points
Below is a section of a textbook about Peacemaking, Peacekeeping and International Relations 1918 – 1936:
This website has some short videos about the Peace treaties:
What actions should the peacemakers take in Paris?
Paris Peace Treaties simulation

3. What was the Treaty of Versailles?

The terms of the Peace Treaties signed in Paris:

treaty of versailles

4. What other peace treaties were signed in Paris?

The Treaty of Versailles was signed with Germany but the other losing powers also signed peace treaties with the allies in Paris. The other Paris peace treaties were St Germain, Neuilly, Trianon,Sevres and later Lausanne.

the other treaties 

5.  What were the reactions to the peace treaties?

Work in pairs to use the thinking routine claim – support -question to work out the reaction of each of the countries to its peace treaty.

Claim – write down what you think might have been the reaction in your country

Support – do some research to see if your claims are correct. This link can help you:

Challenge – what further questions do you have about these peace treaties?

Cartoons showing reactions to the Treaties:
TOV cartoons

Look at the cartoons and see if you can answer the question: What is the message of the cartoon?

Cartoons about the treaty

What was the impact of the Treaty of Versailles?

What was the German reaction to the Treaty of Versailles?  Was the Treaty a mistake?  Could it be justified at the time? Have a look at the document below:
The Germans signed the ceasefire in November 1918 because they agreed that the settlement would be based on the 14 points.  here are the terms of the ceasesfire (armistice):

6.  What were the effects of the Paris Peace Treaties?

 Work through the worksheet below:

mandates and disarmament

7. Historiography: