Chinese Cinderella


To really understand some of the events, and some of the attitudes, in this book, we need to know something about the situation in China at the time. In groups, research your chosen topic (see document below), and present your findings to the class.

CC Research-Task

Reading Tasks

As we read through the book, make sure you answer all the Reading Questions in your notebooks. Pay special attention to the tables where you can record information and observations about the characters. Don’t forget, for every comment you make about a character (e.g. Adeline’s father never notices her) you must show evidence from the book to back up your statement. Use page references in your notes to help you do this.

Chinese Cinderella Chapter Questions

Assessed Tasks


‘Chinese Cinderella’ is an autobiography – a story about the life of the person telling it. Have a go at your own autobiography! See the interactions below.

Autobiography Task

Autobiography Instructions

Self Peer Assessment Form (creative work)

Watch Veracross for dates.


The final (summative) assessment will be a literary essay. The title/topic is below.

Literary Response

You will have one period of class time in which to prepare for this. Use the document below for making your notes. you will be allowed to bring these notes, and your copy of the book, to class when writing the essay.

MYP Generic Essay Scaffold

Role Play

The essay is done – now it’s party time! See below.

Role Play

The author first wrote a more complete story of her life for adults. This is it.





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