Grade 10

English A

Welcome to Our Class Wiki for English Language A

Grade 10 English A will provide students with the skills to respond to a variety of texts, develop a critical approach to literature, communicate formally and appropriately in various situations through written and oral media, understand their own culture and those of others, gain a deeper understanding of human nature and read for enjoyment.


Details about assignments, student work and homework will always be posted in Veracross.

Teaching Schedule

This is the current plan for Grade 10. This is only a general guide; the details – especially the length of the units – are subject to change at any minute.

G10 English A Syllabus Overview 2014 2015



The Purple Duck

During the course of this year, the best of your poems and short stories will be published in the school literary magazine, the Purple Duck. To find out more, click on the duck…

Writing Tips

Know what to say, but don’t know how to say it? Below are some tips to improve your writing skills.

Take a look at this list of words that describe the tone of a piece or of a character.


And to use the right kind of literary language that is appropriate for literary criticism (it’s even mentioned in the rubric!) use this further list of words below to help you. Don’t try learning them all at once, but refer to the list every time you write a piece of literary criticism and use them as you need them.

Literary Terms (for prose texts)

Still not sure about which literary device you have discovered? Check Literary Devices here!

Here’s more information about how to achieve the right tone of formality needed in a literary essay (if you want to get up into the 9-10 band for Criterion C).

Make those all-important links between ideas, both between and within paragraphs, with connectives.

Chart of connectives and conjunctions

Check your grammar!

Grammar Check Sheet

Raise your level of vocabulary.

Formal and Informal Language


Reading Tips

Read, read, READ! There is no better way to improve your grades in this course – and anyway, it’s fun. Below are some suggestions: one list consists of the most popular books according to various sources in the UK and the USA (listed on the document); the other list is recommendations made by past students, most of which are available in the NIS library. Off you go!


G10 Recommended Reading List

Assessment Criteria

These are the general Language A assessment criteria for Grade 10. Task specific criteria, if used, can be found with each assignment.

G10 Assessment Criteria (Creative)

G10 Assessment Criteria (Analytical)

Now follow the drop down menu above for Grade 10 to find information about the works we are studying this year. Please note that The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time is not a text for G10, this academic year. However, we have included it on our edublog site as an example of the types of tasks and assessments undertaken in a novel study.




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