Grade 6

Welcome to Our Class Wiki for English Language A

These are the works we will be studying this year. Please follow the drop down menu above for pages about each work.

See below for Writing Tips.


Theseus slays the minotaur. Find out what this has to do with us by clicking on the first unit on the drop down menu – Short Stories.



Link to the Purple Duck here…

Writing Tips

Need help planning that literary essay? Use this scaffold. This is what we use with Grade 6 and 7 students to introduce you to the structure of a literary essay.

MYP Generic Essay Scaffold

Have plenty of ideas but don’t know how to arrange them? Need to work on Criterion B?

Chart of connectives and conjunctions

Not happy with your Criterion D marks? Here are some exercises to improve your writing.


Comma Rules

Commas in Clauses



Semi Colons

Verbs (1)

Student led mini lessons



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