Poetry: Why Not?


Poetry is something you’ve all had a go at – both reading and writing – when you were in PYP. In MYP we will come back to poetry from time to time – reading it, writing it, and learning how to analyse it.

To start with, we will use the document below, both to get into ideas about how poems work, and to collect ideas for your own poems.

Poetry Activities

Now follow the links below to find out how poetry can be fun.

Spike Milligan


Pam Ayres


Shel Silverstein


Pay attention to the various types of poem we look at. You will finish this unit by writing your own poem, so use these as examples.

Finally, once you have written your poem, you will perform it. We will have a “Bring your own poem” party. But to make your poem work, you will need to perform, not just read it (or mumble it). This website here will help you out.

Remember, the best of your poems will appear on the Purple Duck website. To find out more, click on the duck!


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