Grade 12 DP Literature HL/SL

Welcome to Diploma Language A English 2014-2015

The Diploma Language A Literature Programme aims to develop the students’ powers of expression in both oral and written formats. A wide range of activities are provided to enhance and develop the highly sophisticated skills required in the critical study of literature. The programme of study demands a personal appreciation of literature and developing a solid understanding of the techniques involved in literary study and criticism. The course introduces students to literary classics and a range of modern writing in different literary genres, styles and contexts. It also promotes an international perspective through the comparative study of works from the students’ own culture and other cultures. This course promotes in students an enjoyment of and a lifelong interest in literature.

Part 2 Detailed Study (Individual Oral Commentary)

Poetry of Thomas Hardy (HL only) click HERE for details

Orwell Satire (HL an SL) Click HERE for details

Great Expectations(HL an SL) Click HERE for details

Part 3 Groups of Works (Exam Texts)

A Streetcar Named Desire, Williams (HL/SL) Click HERE for details

Death of a Salesman, Miller (HL/SL)

The Homecoming, Pinter (HL/SL) Click HERE for details

Hamlet, Shakespeare (HL only) Click HERE for details

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