Grade 6

Bienvenue à la classe de français, élèves de sixième!

The Grade 6 Language Acquisition French course focuses on the basics of the French language. It encourages beginner learners to use French effectively as a means of communication and offers insight into the cultural characteristics of the Francophone world whilst fostering curiosity and lifelong interest & enjoyment in language learning.

Your teacher, Ms. Christel Droulez, was born in Lyon, a town in the South-East of France.


MYP criteria

phase1 – Language B criteria


The units of study in 2017-18 are:

– Greetings
– Name, alphabet
– People
– Numbers, a
– Dates, birthday

– Colours
focus : oral and writing skills

– School subjects
– Likes and dislikes
– Opinion
– Positions
focus : reading and listening skills, describing a picture

Self, Family and Pets
– Family members
– Review age, birthday
– Description : hair, eyes, size

– Pets – review colours, size
focus : oral and reading skills, describing a picture

– Vegetables
– Fruits
– Desserts : review fruits with ice creams and cakes
– Meat
– Meals
– Likes and dislikes
– Café
– Restaurant
focus : all 4 skills

Our World
– Weather : il y a, il fait
– Seasons
– Countries
– Cardinal directions : North, East, West, South
– Nationalities & Languages
– Where we live (location & building)
focus : all 4 skills




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