Grade 8 Phases 1-2

Bienvenue à la classe de français, élèves de quatrième!

The Grade 8 Language Acquisition French course reinforces basics of the French language to beginner learners. It encourages students to use French effectively as a means of communication and offers insight into the cultural characteristics of the Francophone world whilst fostering curiosity and lifelong interest & enjoyment in language learning.

Mrs. Claire Challamel is your teacher.


The units of study in 2016-17 are:

– School subjects
– Time
– School schedule
– Opinions about school subjects and teachers

– School rooms and outdoor areas
– ASA (new topic for phase 2 students)

House and Daily routine       
– Family members
– Rooms
– Objects and Furniture
– Colours and description

– Daily routine

City life
Going out
– Places in town

– Invitation
Staying in
– Weather
– TV shows

Shopping for food
– Breakfast
– Lunch
– Dinner

– Quantities (new topic for phase 2 students)
– Food stores (new topic for phase 2 students)
– Numbers, prices

Travel (new topic for phase 2 students)
– Traveling by plane
– Traveling by train
– Traveling around French-speaking islands

MYP criteria

phase1 – Language B criteria

phase2 – Language B Criteria

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