Grade 9

Bienvenue à la classe de français, élèves de troisième!

The Grade 9 Language Acquisition French course encourages students to use French effectively as a means of communication and offers insight into the cultural characteristics of the Francophone world whilst fostering curiosity and lifelong interest & enjoyment in language learning.

Your teacher, Ms. Christel Droulez, was born in Lyon, a town in the South-East of France.


MYP criteria

phase 2 – Language B Criteria
phase 3 – Language B criteria

The units of study in 2017-18 are:

Famous buildings
– Directions to public places
– Visiting French buildings
– Describing French buildings

Festivals and celebrations
– Dates and practices
– Celebration props
– Food specialties

– Hotels, campsites and youth hostels
– Eco-friendly accommodations
– Nightmare holiday
– Weather 

Pocket money
– Routine
– Chores

– Purchases and savings 

Movie appreciation (Grade 9 IDU)
– Movie genres
– Movie trailers reviews
– Movie poster description
– Project : French invention – cinema


All assignments and resources are posted on Veracross.
All unit content is posted on Rubicon Atlas.


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