Arden Tyoschin, Director

We warmly welcome you to Nanjing International School as we embark on this exciting ACAMIS event.  Basketball players are characterised by their outstanding athleticism, blending dexterity, accuracy, nimble speed, and outstanding jumping ability.  The proximity to the players allows the spectators see and feel their sheer emotion.   At NIS, students, teachers, and parents alike enjoy an afternoon of simply shooting hoops, and relish a full-on game of basketball.  This tournament promises to be dynamic and entertaining.  We wish all our guests success in the tournament.  Play hard, play fair, celebrate small successes along the way.


Danny Clarke, 
Athletics Director


It is a real pleasure to be hosting the ACAMIS Basketball for the first time. For the players, sports tournaments such as this one are the culmination of a lot of hard work over the season. Your main goal should be to have fun and to do justice to all that preparation by doing your very best right to the end of the tournament. No matter what position you finish, this is the most important thing. We thank you all for taking part and travelling here to Nanjing for the competition. We hope that you have a great event and a great experience. A huge thank you to all who have helped in the organisation and good luck to all players.

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