Welcome to the 2017 ACAMIS Touch Rugby Tournament!

We are pleased to stand in as hosts of this tournament. NIS is one of the founding school members of ACAMIS and has been part of the development to include more sports over the years. There are a couple of very special aspects to Touch Rugby. First of all it is a sport where boys and girls share the field as equals and secondly the flow of the game relies on the sportsmanship of the competitors to call a ‘touch’. We are looking forward to a high level of sportsmanship together with high quality technical skills. Perhaps most importantly this is a great opportunity for competitors to learn as the member of a team – win or lose. 

We hope you all have a memorable experience and feel welcome here at NIS.

Laurie McLellan, Director



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANIS were the first hosts of ACAMIS Touch when we introduced it to the ACAMIS Program back in 2014 so we are delighted to welcome the tournament back to NIS again in 2017. The spirit in which boys and girls play together in a competitive yet sporting atmosphere sums up everything that is good about the ACAMIS Athletics Conference. We hope that, irrespective of your final position in the tournament, you play hard and to your full potential, and leave the tournament on Saturday having had fun and knowing that you have done your best. We welcome you all to Nanjing! 

Danny Clarke, Athletics Director

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