Welcome to the 2018 SCISAC Soccer Tournament!

Laurie McLellan, Director

Here at NIS, we have just celebrated our 25th year. One of the highlights in the school development has been participation in sports, particularly when hosting tournaments. SCISAC has brought something different to NIS for two reasons, firstly the defined opportunity for competition for students of this age and secondly connections with schools that we did not normally compete against. We are delighted to host the football tournament for SCISAC. The level of sportsmanship has made the tournaments stand out with both good quality technical skills and more importantly the opportunity to learn as the member of a team – win or lose. We hope you all have a memorable experience and feel welcome here at NIS. 





Danny Clarke, Athletics Director

 It is a real pleasure to be hosting the SCISAC Soccer once again. Sports tournaments such as this are the culmination of a lot of hard work and preparation over the season. No matter what position you finish your main goal should be to have fun and to do justice to all that preparation by doing your very best right to the end of the tournament. We thank you all for taking part and traveling here to Nanjing for the competition. We hope that you have a great event and a great experience. A huge thank you to all who have helped in the organization and good luck to all players.

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