Special Thanks

In no particular order, I am hugely appreciative of all of the following people for all their support to help make this tournament a success:

  • Eliza Felton – for the amazing logo and t-shirt designs
  • The NISSAC students for their fantastic support of the tournament and for being outstanding hosts
  • Annie Yue and the Chartwells team for the excellent food
  • Facilities Team – Jenny Ma and the team for all their work in setting up the facilities and for the transport
  • Vicki Hong – assistance in so much of the preparation for the event, it cannot happen without her!
  • All the many  volunteers for their help through the event
  • Anna Yuen, Luke Yu and Nico Harter for taking video and photos and preparing the slideshow
  • The IT Team – for website design, Livestreaming and other tech support
  • Jack Hu, Willy Wang and Charlie McGlone- the amazing band!!

    Finally a thank you to all the Rugby players and coaches for visiting NIS and competing with passion and sportsmanship!




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