ACAMIS Basketball Rules

ACAMIS Basketball Rules 


The FIBA Rules (latest edition) shall be implemented for ACAMIS tournaments with the following notes:

  • Games will be played 4 quarters of 7 minutes each.
  • A 35 second shot clock must be used and where possible placed above the backboard.
  • Overtime Periods will be 3 minutes and begins with a jump ball.
  • All teams will receive up to a ten-minute warm-up period prior to the start of the game, on the side of the court away from their bench. Any second half warm-up will be in front of own bench.  This corresponds to direction of play in each half.
  • If the games fall behind schedule, each team will have 8 minutes to warm-up at their own end of the court.
  • First Half – Two (2) time-outs for each team.
  • Second Half – Three (3) time-outs for each team.
  • Overtime Periods – One (1) time-out is granted per overtime period for each team.
  • Timeouts do not carry over from half to half or into overtime
  • The length of each time-out is 1 minute.
  • The length of time between quarters is 2 minutes.
  • The maximum length of halftime is 8 minutes.
  • Coaches may request a timeout by approaching the scorers’ table. The scorer notifies the referee of the timeout at an appropriate time, which includes: a dead ball, free throw, immediately after a scored basket by the opposing team. (Current FIBA Rule)

Equipment and Court Markings

  • Girls’ games shall use a size 6 ball (28.5” / 72cm).
  • Boys’ games shall use a size 7 ball (29.5” / 75cm).
  • Boys use regular FIBA court dimensions
  • Girls use USA high school/collegiate 3 point line (19’9”) / lane and lane markings

Tie breaker from round-robin standings for tournament seeding (in order of application):

  • Head to Head Game Result
  • Points Difference – Tied Teams – All Games
  • A maximum point differential of 20 points will be used for calculations. This is to minimize “running up” the score in order to improve a team’s seeding.
  • 3 Coin Toss

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