Unit posters 2015-16

Key Concept: CHANGE


Statement of Inquiry:  POWER can be used by one civilization to CHANGE the CULTURE and IDENTITY of another.

 Debatable Question: Do we have a responsibility to respect other cultures and be aware of our own influence?

 Identities and relationships

AtL – Approaches to Learning in Grade 7 

You will develop the AtL skills listed in the document below.

ATL Gr 7 Humanities


Mapping – Where were the Aztec & Inca civilizations?

So – where in the world did the Aztecs and the Incas live? In order to understand a little more about them we need to do some map work to find out where their empires were located.

We will use Atlases and the Internet to complete the following task:


Old version – pre 2017


Outline Map Americas

Research – How can I know more? 

Use this reading to find out more about the Meso – American Culture


Archaeology – How do we know?

This website helps show how we know about past civilisations and they way they lived.

Timeline- What are the important events in the Aztec & Inca civilizations? 


Timeline cards:

Aztec timelines

We also need to know a little about some of the important events that happening during the reigns of the Aztec and Inca Empires. To find this out we will create an Aztec timeline. – USE the timeline cards

For homework you will be making a timeline for the Incas:


Using the Library Guide:

Continuing our introduction to the Aztecs and Incas – it’s time to watch a DVD! Be prepared to take some notes….

DVD: (2000). Empires in the Americas: A Journey Back in Time. [Documentary film]. Kultur Films Inc.

 Research Project:

Research Project on the Spanish Conquest. You are going to have a fair amount of class time to use for your research. I’ll  be checking in with you individually to see where you are up to and what you are doing next. We will have some video input from time to time –

Summative Task



USE This to map out your information first:


For this task you will be required to take all your research notes by hand (that is written not on computer) – the research matrix below is an excellent way to do this and you are strongly encouraged to use this method. It will help you to keep track of your resources and whether you have answered all the questions for the task.

=> Aztecs and Incas Research Matrix <=

Formulating your research question will be the next most important thing we do:

How to write a research question

If you are having trouble writing your question this website gives you some useful ideas: [This link now works]
Writing a research question – Middle School

Summative PROJECT:


Further Reading:

The arrival of human beings in what is now called South America. You need to download and read this article and answer the questions which follow it. The Arrival of Man

Here is a document about the Europeans ‘discovering’ South America. Europeans Explore S America

We will watch the ‘Conquistador’ video with PAC Grade 7 as a whole after the break.

Maps  – here are some examples of maps of the routes taken by the conquistadors. You can click on them for larger images.



Lesson 24ish:

 ‘The Last Aztec’ is a very personal documentary of one man’s trip through history. You are going to watch this as well as ‘The Tribal Eye’. These are very different documentairies – you are going to make a list of similarities and differences and try to identify both where each one is helpful to our study of the past and where each has problems.



Skill Building:

Perspectives & Sources

BBC News – Maize and the Aztecs

Debatable Question:

Do we have a responsibility to respect other cultures and be aware of our own influence?

How does YOUR culture affect China, given that you are from another civilisation and are exerting an influence on the host country culture that you live in?



NIS Library – APA Guide

Gr 7 Assessment Products Matrix