Unit Question: How can I be a responsible tourist in a global world?

Area of Interaction: Environments

In this unit we shall be looking at economic activities in general and how tourism fits into a country’s economy. We shall be looking at the Traveller’s Code and responsible or Eco-tourism, and you’ll be researching and creating a holiday of your own to Africa. The Unit will end with an online Travel Agency.

 These will be our main resources – you should save them to your computer:

Pearson Geography – What is Tourism?

Pearson Geography – Tourism over Time

Pearson Geography – Impacts of Tourism

Pearson Geography – Tourism Case Studies

Pearson Geography – Ecotourism

Pearson Geography – Case Studies Ecotourism


Click here What is tourism? for the PDF.

This is your first task: Tourism intro lesson


Different types of Economic Activity

You can read about the different sectors of economy here.


Newly Industrialised Countries

The CIA World Fact Book gives lots of information about different countries and their economic make up.



So what is tourism anyway?


These links will take you to the BBC Bitesize site on tourism.




What is responsible tourism?


Sustainable_tourism keynote

Are you a responsible tourist?