Leaving Students Computer Process

For leaving students, we have to re-image your computer. The following changes will happen:

1. Operation System: the operation system will be reinstalled but you will still get the Mavericks 10.9.5 system

2. Data: all your data, such as document, music, and videos will be removed

3. Application:  You will get apple default applications. The school applications and your personal applications will be removed.

4. Wifi Connection: you will not be able to connect to MYP DP wifi. But you can connect to “Visitor” in Center. You will get the access password from Reception.

5. Mail Account: Your mail account will be disabled in six months after you leave.

Before we start the process, we would like you to safely backup all your data and De-authorize your account. Please make sure you have done it then bring your computer to us for re-imaging. It will take about one hour. Here are places you need to go for this process.

1. Room C103

Bring your computer to Room C103 for re-imaging and pick up your computer

2. Room C135

Bring your computer to Mr. Lockwood in Room C135 for checking and get your paper signed

Here is how you can backup all your data and De-authorize your account:

1. Backup your data

You will need to decide what data is on your laptop that you need to take with you. You may wish to copy all of your documents, music, videos and whatever else you are storing on your laptop. The best way to do this is to transfer these files to another device using an external hard drive. You have three options:

  •  Use Time Machine with external drives

Setting up Time Machine is as simple as connecting an external drive to your Mac. If you haven’t already specified a backup device, Time Machine asks you when you connect a blank drive to your Mac if you want to use it for backing up.


Click “Use as Backup Disk” to select this drive as your backup destination.
Note: Your Time Machine drive needs to be formatted as Mac OS X Extended (Journaled). If you select an NTFS or FAT-formatted drive, Time Machine prompts you to reformat the drive. Important: Reformatting erases any files on the destination drive. If you’re not sure if you want to erase the drive you connected, choose a different drive.

  • Manually Copy Your Files to an External Hard Drive

You can simply plug in a hard drive and manually drag and drop the files and folders from your laptop to the hard drive but be warned, don’t forget about small files like bookmarks, or large files like music, photos and videos.

  • Cloud Storage

If you have personal cloud storage accounts, you may choose to add them to your MacBook and back up your files that way. This may take a bit longer, but you will have the comfort of having access to your files from any device. This is the best option if you do not yet have another personal computer or an external drive.

 2. De-authorize your computer using iTunes

If you use Apple ID to download music and apps through iTunes, make sure you de-authorize your computer before you send it to us for re-imaging.

  • Open iTunes on the computer
  • Choose Store > De-authorize This Computer




After your computer has been restored, you might want to do the following things to get it ready to use.

1. Install your applications

You can install purchased applications through App Store. You can also download the application you want from websites and install it. To install Applications through App Store, please open “App Store” then login with your Apple ID and Password. So you can see all your purchased applications.  Press “Install” to install it.

Screen shot 2015-05-27 at 10.54.04 AM

Screen shot 2015-05-27 at 10.55.52 AM

2. Restore your data from your backup

  • You can use the “Migration Assistant.app” to copy your account and home folder back to your computer. So you can have all your data back. You can find “Migration Assistant” from Application >> Utility folder
  • You can also just drag files you want from your backup disk to your computer.

3. Set up your school email

Please check this website about how to set up your school email. http://share.nanjing-school.com/ict/how-to-set-up-your-school-mail-on-your-computer/

Your school email account will be kept for six months after you leave NIS. Afterwards you will not be able to receive nor send mails.




ACAMIS 2015 Spring Conference at AISG

AISG is thrilled to host the 2015 ACAMIS Spring Conference on March 13-14.

Click here to access the full conference program: AISG_Acamis_program –

Click here to access the one page schedule: ACAMIS_Schedule –

Presentation Documents Posted Below

Rick Wormeli’s Presentation Docs:

  1. AISG/Utaloy MS Teachers Workshop: AISG 2015 Meeting Needs of All Learners -Responsive Teaching
  2. Keynote: ACAMIS 2015 Cultivating Creativity in Schools –
  3. Leaders Presentation: ACAMIS 2015 Principals First Strategies Second-Minimizing Hypocrisy
  4. Friday Open Session: ACAMIS 2015 Teacher Motivation Changing Culture of Building
  5. Curriculum Presentation: ACAMIS 2015 Practical Cognitive Science Principles
  6. Curriculum Presentation: ACAMIS-2015-Differentiated-Grading –
  7. Saturday Open Session: ACAMIS 2015 Building Resilience in Students –

Compass Education Presentations

  1. Keynote Presentation: Compass-Keynote-Presentation –
  2. Leadership Presentation: Compass-Leadership-Session-
  3. Amoeba Breakout Session: Amoeba-Breakout-Saturday-Session –

Noel Roberts Online Counseling Data Presentation: F-School-Counseling-Online-Support-Systems-ACAMIS-2015 –

Robert van der Eyken Experiential Learning Presentation: MUN-Presentation_Robert-van-der-Eyken –

Chris Durbin Materials

  1. New-Accident-Report-Form –
  2. Policy_on_Outdoor_Fieldwork_101111_final1 –
  3. Policy-Procedures-and-Guidelines-for-Physical-Education-Activities-in-ESF-Schools-Final-210813 –
  4. ESF-Critical-Incident-Policy-March-2012-12-04-24 –


Summer work list

  1. VLAN organization
    1. All video camera go on their own VLAN
    2. Place Business server onto Admin staff VLAN
  2.  InfoBlox purchase and installing DNS, DHCP and IP management
  3. Erase Large Storage
  4. Image Loaners
  5. Image MacBook Cart computer grade 3, 4, and 5
  6. Install “Find my Mac” on Grade 5 MacBooks
  7. Retire Grade 2 MacBook Carts
  8. Install USB Power into Grade 2 lockers
  9. Memory Upgrade for Admin Staff iMacs
  10. Rebuilding all of school iMac computers do the following:
    1. Image of Mavericks, with the latest version of Pages, Keynote and Numbers
    2. Make sure it is unlinked from the school domain
  11. AISG visit with goal of learning their Office 365 migration
  12. Veracross transition
  13. Image new Teacher MacBooks
  14. Shut down old Student server
  15. Shut down PYP server and make a virtual version
  16. Shut down ODM
  17. LED Screen installs
    1. end of PYP hallway 65″ LG screen
  18. Install new projectors
    1. Move learning support projector to Laurie’s office
    2. ELL Room ( B155)
    3. Mandarin Class (B158, B157)
  19. Move smart board from old Learning support room to B156 also make sure it has a new projector installed
  20. MacBook carts
    1. Retire Grade 2 MacBook Cart
    2. Move all White Unibody MacBooks loaners into Orange cart
    3. Upgrade memory on all White Unibody MacBooks to 8 GB of RAM and upgrade to Mavericks
    4. Retire all old MacBooks, the ones which have the Firewire port on the side. That will leave us short in a one of the carts, we can fill those empty spots with Aluminum MacBooks
    5. Grade 5 MacBook Carts,
      1. Install latest version of Student image
      2. Install “Find My Mac”
  21. Teacher leaver MacBooks
    1. Format and install new loaner image, make sure this image is up to Mavericks and has newest version of Pages, Numbers and Keynote
    2. Install firmware password
    3. Install “Find My Mac”
    4. Make sure Loaner have latest version of “Deep Freeze”
  22. Libary MacBooks
    1. Move 5 very old MacBooks, the ones which are scheduled to be retired to Library,
    2. Install Library image,
      1. which is Mac OS 10.6,
      2. this image is frozen and doesn’t include any software
      3. Primary purpose is browsing internet
  23. Don’t upgrade John H. iMac, we can do that when I am onsite

G1 iPad App List, June 2014


Google Earth

Destiny Quest

iA Writer




Puppet Pals HD

Photo Transfer



Book Creator

Comic Life

Veescope Live


Drawing Pad

Chinese Writer

SayHi Translate

Google Search



My Story




Reading Eggs

Number Line

Number Pieces Basic

Numeracy Basics

Brain Pop

Haiku Deck


I Can Animate


(for Teachers)

Running Record Calculator Lite

Curious Curating, Design Thinking, Reframing our Group,

Friday, February 14 @ Lunch (C136 – across from Macquarium)
Tentative Agenda:
-Curious Curating in Learning (led by Brian and his twitter feed)
-Thoughts on Design Thinking (in particular, perspectives of those not in the Design/Tech realms..)
-Reframing our Group (are we a tech committee? something else? does this matter as we move forward and try to bring in new people?)
As always, please add your items to the list as you see fit.
Out of interest, here is the definition of ‘committee’…

committee |kəˈmitē|noun1 [ treated as sing. or pl. ] a group of people appointed for a specific function, typically consisting of members of a larger group  –Marina Gijzen


Can we please be a “Brain Trust”.


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