Reading on the iPad

First, download the app here:

To Access Your Account (teachers and students Gr. 1-12)
(Parents please contact the library to have your parent account created.)

  1. Find your Veracross ID number located on your NIS ID/lunch card. It is located vertically next to the barcode. (Note: teachers and students that have been at NIS longer than 3 years may have a different number on their lunch card than their Veracross number. Please contact the library if you need assistance in finding your Veracross number).
  2. Depending upon the number of digits in your ID number, add the number zero (0) before your ID number so that it becomes a 5-digit number
    For example:

    • Patron 9511 would be 09511
    • Patron 273 would be 00273
    • Patron 10798 would be 10798 (already 5-digits so no need to add a zero)
  3. Access the NIS Overdrive website located at:
  4. Enter your 5-digit school ID for BOTH the School ID and password fields (same number two times)
  5. You are ready to start! For help in getting started, use the “How Do I?” menu above for various tutorials, read the Overdrive FAQ or feel free to contact the library at for assistance.

OverDrive Help for your Mobile Device

Installing OverDrive on a mobile device

Adding the NIS Library to your OverDrive Media Console app

Borrowing Books

Using the Digital Library

TumbleBooks – Coming Soon