ACAMIS Kids Read


2015 Categories

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes: Books that feature characters with special needs, gifts or challenges

Books into Movies: The ever popular category that the kids look forward to every year!

And the Award Goes to….: Books that have been awarded the Newbery or Panda Award

If I Tell You, Then I Have to Kill You: Books that features spies and assassins

Steeped in History: Books whose settings revolve around an important event in the past

Paranormal Please: Books with kids that have extraordinary powers in the present

Vampires, and Werewolves, and Zombies Oh MY!: the name says it all

Techno Babble: books dealing with high tech/internet/gadgets

‘Nary a Person in Sight! books in which there are no humans

A Frightful Future: books with a dystopian future theme/ society gone wrong

Download the pdf- Categories 2015

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