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There are some simple rules that all grade levels should follow when referencing:

  • Use the title ‘Reference List’ not Bibliography.
  • List all the references in alphabetical order.
  • Always indent after the first line (in Pages use: Layout>Indents>Left 1cm).
  • Use the correct format for each type of source (see guides below).
  • Do not number or bullet the references
  • Do not use separate lists for books/websites/movies etc. They are all together in the same list alphabetically.

APA 6th Long and Detailed Guide

APA 6th Quick and Simple Guide

Citing Online Sources

In-Text  (Parenthetical) Citations

Citing an Online Image

More info on the NIS Humanities Edublog

PastedGraphic-1 copy

*if owner is unknown, start with title/description then date.

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