Power Searching


Power Searching Quick Reference Guide – Search Operators + other tips and tricks

Power Searching Presentation – Grade 11, April 2, 2014

Comparison of Search Operators (across different search engines) – draft Feb. 18, 2013

Google’s Advanced Power Searching Quick Reference Guide (includes just about everything)

Google’s Advanced Power Searching Skills (great source, with video tutorials and text versions)

Advanced Operator Tactics (good blog entry comparing advanced operators skills across different search engines)



We have a variety of search challenges for you to tackle. They incorporate different skills that you may have learned. Please feel free to ask for support if needed. You will find that most search strategies are used in every challenge, but only a few require search operators (tips).

Sample Challenge – The Face (easy)

Challenge 1 – Pee Wee (easy)

Challenge 2 – Tolstoy (easy-medium)

Challenge 3 – The Jellyfish (medium)

Challenge 4 – Adventures (medium)

Challenge 5 – That Dog (medium-difficult)

Challenge 6 – Confused driver (medium-difficult)

Challenge 7 – Worlds’ Fair (difficult)

Challenge 8 – The Festival (difficult)

Search challenges thanks to John Rinker, Candace Taylor-Weber, and samples from the Google Search Education Team.