Physical Education

The philosophy of the Physical Education programme is to participate in a wide variety of activities and develop the skills to establish and maintain a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

PSPE Curriculum

Physical Education students at NIS experience a wide variety of physical and health related activities to help develop their movement and manipulative skills, general fitness, group dynamic skills, strategical thinking, knowledge and understanding of body systems and health issues. Through these activities they will also gain specific understandings and knowledge relative to the particular activity in focus.

The Physical Education programme incorporates continual and progressive learning from K1 through to Grade 10 in the areas of:

  • Individual Pursuits
  • Adventure Challenge
  • Games
  • Movement Composition
  • Health Related Activities

General Subject Information/Guidelines

Below are the links to the expectations for students in Physical Education in both English and Korean. Please read through the information carefully.

PE Infomation Letter 1314_English

PE Infomation Letter 1314_Korean


Physical Education Department


Joanna Andrew – PYP PE Teacher (not pictured yet)
Andy Vasily – PYP PE Teacher

Andrei Tyoschin – MYP PE Teacher
Jacqui Weatherly – Subject Area Coordinator PE and MYP PE Teacher


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