Watch the Junk Food Ambassador to review junk food vocabulary.


Below is a list of some of the words and phrases we learn in this unit about food.

Tengo hambre. – I’m hungry.

Tengo sed. – I’m thirsty.

una pizza – pizza

una hamburguesa – hamburger

un bocadillo – a subway sandwich

una tortilla española – Spanish omelette with potatoes and eggs

agua mineral – mineral water

una limonada – lemonade

una naranjada – orange juice

una Coca Cola – Coca Cola

un batido – milkshake

pan – bread

patatas fritas – french fries / chips

helado – ice cream

helado de fresa – strawberry ice cream

helado de chocolate – chocolate ice cream

helado de vainilla – vanilla ice cream

bocadillo de jamón – ham sandwich

bocadillo de queso – cheese sandwich

bocadillo de chorizo – sausage sandwich


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