Grade 10

¡Bienvendios a la clase de Español! 

This year in grade 10  Spanish , phase 2 and 3 students are studying together; they are taught the same topics and vocabulary but are given differentiated class assignments and end of unit tests.

The units of study in 2013-14 are:

– Environmental issues
– Recycling

-Save the planet

Media and new technologies
– Internet
– Mobile phones

– Old vs new technology


Further studies and careers (Work Week experience)
– Job requirements
– Job application

– Job interview

– Smoking


– Health and society issues

Music appreciation

– Types of hispanic music and instruments
– Review of  year vocabulary through Spanish songs


Last year at NIS you studied:

Grade 9 Phase 1/2 Spanish:

Family: family members, pets and physical descriptions

Health: body, illnesses, injuries, simple dialog at doctor’s office and pharmacy

Leisure: free time and hobbies, weekends and vacations

Work: jobs, careers

Clothes: clothes, fashion, bargaining for clothes in a market or shop



Assessment criteria; visual interpretation, oral, reading comprehension and writing

PHASE 3 assessment by criteria 2012-13

Phase 2 assessment criteria

ATLs  ATL Language B 2013-14