Grade 8


¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español !


The units of study for Grade 8 Phase 3 are:

  • Food
    – Geographical areas
    – Spanish recipes
    – Food tastes and habits
    – Nutrients and their role
  • Environment
    – Daily routine
    – House
    – Green actions in the house
  • City life
    – Shops and departments
    – Shopping habits
    – Shopping for presents
  • Leisure
    – Weather
    – Holiday destinations
    – Summer and winter sports
    – Healthy activities
  • Technology
    – Past, present and future schools
    – New ways of learning
    – New rules

The units of study for Grade 8 Phase 2 are:

  • Home and Family
    – Family members
    – Types of houses
    – Rooms in a house
  • Environment
    – Furniture in the bedroom
    – Daily Routines
    – Weather
  • Towns and Cities
    – Locations in a Town or a City
    – Asking and giving directions
    – Describing your city or neighborhood
  • Food in Restaurants and Markets
    – Ordering food in a restaurant
    – Typical Spanish meals
    – Buying fruits and vegetables at a market
    – Healthy diet
  • Technology
    – Technology in schools
    – New ways of learning
    – School rules

Last year at NIS you studied:

Grade 7 Phase 1/2 Spanish:

Family: family members, pets and physical descriptions

Health: body and pains

Leisure: free time and hobbies

Work: jobs, careers

Clothes: clothes, fashion, buying clothes in a shop

ATL final Lang B 2013-14

Phase 3 assessment by criteria

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