Exhibition: March 7

The Personal Project Exhibition will be on Thursday March 7. The exhibition will be based in the the Centre’s third floor multipurpose room. Each student has a table, a chair and 1/2 of a bulletin board as a standard set up. If you need additional material or space let Mr Morin know by lunch Monday  March 4th.If you are planning to use your laptops make sure it is fully charged the night before.


PPP Material or Space Request  (Send to Mr Morin before Monday March 4)

Student name:

Explain need:






Turn It In Problems Fixed

Hi Students (and Supervisors)-

For those of you who experienced some problems with submitting your paper to Turnitin.com, the problems should be fixed now and so please try again.

All students should check to see that they only have ONE (1) account created in Turnitin using their school email address. If you have any other accounts created with other email addresses (Gmail, Hotmail etc) please delete these accounts and use your school email only (note that you use the same account for all of your various teachers and classes).

If you have further problems, please come see Mrs. Rinker in the library-

Congrats on being done! Have a wonderfully restful holiday!

Mrs. Rinker

Last 24 hours

Please review last Blog Post about Final Instructions. ( It has been modified slightly)

Only one Hard copy needed

Report to Turnitin before 16:00 tomorrow: A PDF version of your REPORT

(You should only submit once)

Turnitin.com    UserID is your school Email Address:
Class ID: 6088629
         PW: ppp123

FInal Instructions (Turnitin + Only one hard copy needed)


Please read final instructions:  Bring questions to Homeroom :

You need to export your Report from  “Pages” to PDF.

From “Pages” document to PDF:  Share / export / PDF   

PP Soft copy of REPORT in PDF format to turnitin.com   Class ID: 6088629   PW: ppp123

PP REPORT:  A PDF Soft copy and 1 printed copy of your REPORT to your supervisor

PP PROCESS JOURNAL:  Original PROCESS JOURNAL to your supervisor

EXCERPT of PROCESS JOURNAL:  A PDF soft copy and 1 printed copy to supervisor (10 to 20 entries)

PRODUCT:  The Product to your supervisor

(e-product should be hand in by 16:00 ( USB, email or airdrop to supervisor)