The PP Process Journal (start on week 3)

The Process Journal is:

in a format decided by the student

a place for planning, drafting and sketching

a place for recording interactions with sources, ie: teachers, supervisors, external sources

a place for storing useful information — quotes, pictures, ideas, written sources

a means of exploring ideas and alternatives

a place for reflection on stages of the project

a place for evaluating work completed

a place for reflecting on learning

a place to react after receiving formative feedback

a collection of  all the information needed to produce the project report

Welcome to Parents on our blog (Week 3)

The slides used during the meeting today is an Apple file called a Keynote document
NIS students have the computer to open this type of file.

Intro to PPP – parents (2013)


This week is about clarifying topic, AoI, PP question and the goal.

Students are using the document started in grade 9. ( Mr Morin will give them back today)

Students are expected to show four boxes to supervisor next week, week 4.