Supervisor’s Tips  (have a look students)

1. Best TIP: A clear goal is crucial!  Students have completed their initial planning when they get their “4 boxes” officially approved by a mentor.  Coming up with a clear goal will lead to focus and success. This is the next logical step.   The goal has to be fully aligned with the ideas of the “4 boxes”.  The rest of the journey is greatly affected by the clarity of the goal.

2.  Your student is using the Guide to the Personal Project (available on blog).

3.  Your student maintains a detailed Process Journal with all required components. (See category Process journal on blog)

4.  Refer to the assessment criteria when you communicate with your student.

5.  Refer to step by step sequence of PPP (see guide P. 17)

6.  Encourage your student at every meeting.  There is always something positive to notice. Remind them what they do well.

7.  When in doubt or unsure, consult with mentor PPP teacher about an issue or send your student for a consult or second opinion.

8. Provide more feedback and refrain advising student what to do.