Week 19: PPP Club Room D-243

PPP Club starts on Monday for students who did not meet the week 19 Friday deadline (16:00)

PPP Club  starts on Tuesday for students with an predicted score of less than 12 point for their PPP. 


Where:  Mr Morin’s room  D-243

When:  Every day first half of lunch break ( Monday to Friday)

For whom: PPP students with a cumulated score below 12 points or with their first draft of report not finished

Until when:  Until score is reached

Optional?   No!  It is mandatory and attendance will be taken

Please come to the PPP club if you qualify. Your supervisor is the person who will cancel your “forced membership” when you are not meeting any of the two categories anymore.









Week 18: Criteria

Attached is a summary of the PP Criteria. (See PPP Guide for Detailed version)

PPP Criteria (summary)



A: Product completed and “submittable” to supervisor on Friday of week 19.

B: First Draft of PPP Report due to supervisor on Friday of week 20.

C: PPP Product and PPP final Report due to PPP coordinator (Mr. Morin) on February 6 (Week 22).

D: PPP exhibition on March 7 (Week 24)


Formative Assessment

This week you need to see your supervisor and ask for an estimate of cumulated points.  It is also the week when the Creation of your product might begin.

Your supervisor will provide feedback about your progress and will communicate a “guestimate” of your achievement for Criteria A, B, C, and maybe some of D.

You have just begun your Criterion D, so it may still be quite low.  An estimate of 7 points or less out of the possible 16 will be considered like an “at risk of failing” situation.

This is what you should have completed already:

– Criterion A: PPP process journal – approximately 10 pages of real reflection about the process and your struggles and how they were resolved

– Criterion B: introduction – complete, including product, AoI, goal, context, SPECIFICATIONS FOR PRODUCT, timeline
– Criterion C: reference list – annotated
– Criterion D: beginning stages (see sentence starters from last blog post

See Mr. Morin or the other mentors for a second look at your progress.


Ms Keus, Ms Tyoschin, Mr Messom, Mr Klesch, Mr Morin


The Process journal

The Process Journal should be :

design by the student in a format that suits his or her needs

a place for planning

a place for recording interactions with sources, ie: teachers, supervisors, external sources

a place for storing useful information — quotes, pictures, ideas

a means of exploring ideas and alternatives

a place for reflection on stages of the project

a place for evaluating work completed

a place for reflecting on learning

useful for the student when receiving formative feedback

a collection of  information to produce the project report