Personal Project 2016: Final Actions

PP Soft Copy and  PP Hard Copy of Report to Supervisor with Academic Hon. Form, Journal and Product

Drop PP Soft Copy of Report on File Server:


Only one PDF file!

PDF File Naming protocol:  PP_Report_Cameron_Young

You will have completed your Personal Project after you present your product/outcome at the PP exhibition on March 7 and 8.  FYI:  The 3-5 teachers assigned to grade your PP will have a chance to visit you and analyse the quality of your product.




Draft of Report due Wed. Jan. 13, 16:00

An incompleted Draft of Report is better than no draft at all! You will receive feedback on what you have completed already. This will help you focus on what needs to be done to finish. Show and provide to your supervisor:

  • Your journal with all entries up to date
  • A beginning or completed Report Draft with proper structure (even unfinished)
  • Quality journal entries selected for assessment (10 A4 pages maximum)
  • Evidence of product or outcome completed (Photos, videos or product itself)

Book an appointment in person with your supervisor before 16:00 on Wednesday.

Good work!