Week 18: Updates

Week 18: Meet your supervisor this week to: 

1. Present update on “almost completed” product

2. Present up to date process journal ( not on the computer screen anymore)

3. Show to supervisor “applied information” during creation

4. Get a “guestimated” grade for Criterion A again, and a first impression of D

5. Present plan of action to complete product and report (see due dates below)


A: Product completed and “submittable” to supervisor on Friday of week 19.

B: First Draft of PPP Report due to supervisor on Friday of week 20.

C: PPP Product and PPP final Report due to PPP coordinator (Mr. Morin) on February 6 (Week 22).

D: PPP exhibition on March 7 (Week 24)  






Creating your product



Remember to maintain a detailed process journal during creation.

 Your product is DUE to be completed soon after our return in January. This means that your product needs to be SUBMIT-ABLE by Wednesday of week 19.  You should be able to self-assess Criteria A-D DURING THE HOLIDAY. You are still allowed to make improvements on these sections. You should also be able to assess Criterion E by your return in January.

 We hope you have a clear plan of action before we meet again in January.

 Mr Morin

Week 15: Dear supervisors(students should read)

Dear supervisors,
Thank you for your report about your student’s progress in the PPP.  I have already started to meet with students who are not on the path of success.
Remember that it is not your fault if you see that your student is not responding well to this type of challenge. It is the student’s responsibility to succeed in this project (not yours).
For example:
Students should be asking for meetings with you
It is not your job to unilaterarly schedule meetings with your student
You can suggest to your student that a meeting could be helpful
Ultimately it is their responsibility to chase you for help (not the opposite)
If you feel your student lack engagement and are not on a successful path as described in Week 15  PPP Blog post below please report to the student’s parents and to Ms Tyoschin or Mr Morin
The PPP due date is on February 6. Please do not wait for Semester 1 report to communicate issues and worries to parents (There is only 2 weeks between the Report and the PPP due date).
Thanks again for your valuable support!

Week 15: Successful Students

At this point successful students:

– are either creating their product or have a clear plan about when and how creation will take place
– have a detailed Process Journal including all their accomplished work so far (Process Journal)
– have a variety of analyzed and anotated  sources related to their project (Select sources)
– have a number of ideas, influence, techniques which will impact the creation of their product or themselves as a person (Apply Information)
– have their AoI and goal in mind and have it clearly showing in their Process Journal and their entire project

Creation: Making your product

During the Creation phase students are required to maintain their Process Journal with detailed and reflective entries.  It is also a time to pull out your specifications and try to respect them. The creation of your product is helping you achieve your goal.

D: Apply Information could be improve or define during Creation if it is not already completed.  Here are some paragraph starters to help you:

“These two sources contain contradicting information. I will need to determine why… First I will… ”
“Since I have learned that… (some information), this affects my project because … ”
“Based on my research, the following factors are most central in creating my product because… ”
“One way for me to test this (information) is to … (outline steps).”
“Before doing my research, I hadn’t realised that … (some information). This means that I will … ” (identify and explain some action you will take).

 Remember that you need to apply information identified from your specific sources or from other sources that you will add to your reference list.