Tuesday Sept 22: PP Full Day

PP FULL DAY Tuesday Sept. 22th 2015 MYP LGR

8:05 to 9:10  Introduction  (Mr. Morin)


Welcome (Mr Morin)

Sharing Activity (Ms Clarke)

Making Groups A B C based on progress so far(Mr Morin)

9:10  to 10:10  First Rotation

D-220 Gr. A: Work on your PP (Ms Clarke, Ms Johnson, Ms Keus)

MYP LGR Gr. B: Understanding the Criteria (Mr Marsh, Mr Messom)

TBC Room Gr. C: Format- Media- Turnitin (Ms Snyder, Mr Morin)

10:10 to 10:30  Break

10:30 to 11:30  2nd Rotation

D-220 Gr. B: Work on your PP (Ms Clarke, Ms Johnson, Ms Keus)

MYP LGR Gr. C: Understanding the Criteria (Mr Marsh, Mr Messom)

TBC Room Gr. A: Format- Media- Turnitin (Ms Snyder, Mr Morin)

11:30 to 12:30 3rd Rotation

D-220 Gr. C: Work on your PP (Ms Clarke, Ms Johnson, Ms Keus)

MYP LGR Gr. A: Understanding the Criteria (Mr Marsh, Mr Messom)

TBC Room Gr. B: Format- Media- Turnitin (Ms Snyder, Mr Morin)

12:30 to 13:30  Lunch

13:30 to 14:30

D-220 and MYP LGR   Gr. A B C Work on your own PP (All Mentors present)

Friday September 18: Extended Advisory MYP LGR

Agenda for Friday Sept. 18th 2015 Advisory – LGR

Ms Snyder: Organization and Tools

Go over Blog

3 Boxes – Signed by your supervisor and a mentor

Tuesday Sept 22nd: Outline of Day presented

Ms Keus

Student Guide & Timeline of the process

Mr Marsh 

Challenging goal, quality product, manageable and feasible at NIS

Extra Time:

Get 3 Boxes Signed – Chat

Printed Version of PP Student Guide


For PP Students and PP Supervisors:

For those who would really like a printed version of the PP Student Guide contact Mr Morin.  Please do only If you are convinced that you would use and appreciate a printed version. We will collect them back at end of year for use next year.

Subject of e-mail: “Printed Guide”.

To: francismorin@nanjing-school.com

Before 17:00h. TODAY!  Before 5:00 PM Today, Monday Sept. 14

Goal – Global Context – Product

Friday September 18 during extended advisory: all Grade 10 students will meet in the MYP LGR at 8:05

Please bring:

Your 3 Boxes signed by PP supervisor and at least one PP mentor.


The PP mentors are:

Amy Keus <amykeus@staff.nanjing-school.com>Robin Marsh <robinmarsh@staff.nanjing-school.com>Minza Snyder <minzasnyder@nanjing-school.com>Ruth Clarke <ruthclarke@staff.nanjing-school.com>Andrew Messom <andrewmessom@staff.nanjing-school.com>Emily Johnson <emilyjohnson@staff.nanjing-school.com>Francis Morin <francismorin@staff.nanjing-school.com>

Reminder: All meetings and actions related to PP are documented and analyzed in the Process Journal. Your journal can include different media format such as video, audio or hand written entries. See the “NIS PPP Student Guide” to bring quality in your journal entries.

PPP 4 Boxes: A new and improved document (week 5)

Dear PPP students,

We have redesigned the 4 Boxes document. Please start using it from now on.  It may take a few minutes but the time invested will allow you to reflect on the quality and the level of alignment.

Use that document when you meet your supervisor for your next weekly visit.

Keep all documents and changes in your journal.

PPP 4 Boxes 1314 Final



Supervisor’s Tips  (have a look students)

1. Best TIP: A clear goal is crucial!  Students have completed their initial planning when they get their “4 boxes” officially approved by a mentor.  Coming up with a clear goal will lead to focus and success. This is the next logical step.   The goal has to be fully aligned with the ideas of the “4 boxes”.  The rest of the journey is greatly affected by the clarity of the goal.

2.  Your student is using the Guide to the Personal Project (available on blog).

3.  Your student maintains a detailed Process Journal with all required components. (See category Process journal on blog)

4.  Refer to the assessment criteria when you communicate with your student.

5.  Refer to step by step sequence of PPP (see guide P. 17)

6.  Encourage your student at every meeting.  There is always something positive to notice. Remind them what they do well.

7.  When in doubt or unsure, consult with mentor PPP teacher about an issue or send your student for a consult or second opinion.

8. Provide more feedback and refrain advising student what to do.