Week 15: Successful Students

At this point successful students:

– are either creating their product or have a clear plan about when and how creation will take place
– have a detailed Process Journal including all their accomplished work so far (Process Journal)
– have a variety of analyzed and anotated ┬ásources related to their project (Select sources)
– have a number of ideas, influence, techniques which will impact the creation of their product or themselves as a person (Apply Information)
– have their AoI and goal in mind and have it clearly showing in their Process Journal and their entire project

Picking An AOI

An Area of Interaction is like taking directions using Google Maps. Are you going to pick the fastest route? The most fuel efficient route? Or the most scenic route? All go to a final destination, and yet all are very different trips. In the same way, your PPP’s AOI is going to determine in which direction your work goes.


Let’s look at an example: Basketball

Human Ingenuity: Creation and the Consequences of Creation
– How are plays and calls created by coaches? What the consequences of specific calls? How can a creative call/play be a determining factor as to who wins the game?

Environments: Man-made and natural environments
– What environments produce NBA stars? What are the best practicing environments?

Health & Social Education: Physical, social and emotional health and intelligence
– How can you play basketball safely? What injuries can be sustained from improper practicing techniques? What sports injuries are most typically linked to basketball and how can they be avoided?

Community & Service: Developing awareness and a sense of responsibility towards the community
– What after school programs are available for underprivileged children? How can basketball be used as an additional outreach program in your community?

Now, take your topic and do the same thing.

What does your topic look like if you think about humans creating and the results of creating?

How could you study the environmental-influences or impact of your topic?

How could your topic relate to health or social issues?

How could your topic impact your local community?

Be sure to pick an Area of Interaction that fits nicely — Don’t force it. Also, go see a friend and ask their opinions. Often one AOI definitely *won’t* fit, but two *might* fit, so you have to make your decision carefully.