Goal – Global Context – Product

Friday September 18 during extended advisory: all Grade 10 students will meet in the MYP LGR at 8:05

Please bring:

Your 3 Boxes signed by PP supervisor and at least one PP mentor.


The PP mentors are:

Amy Keus <amykeus@staff.nanjing-school.com>Robin Marsh <robinmarsh@staff.nanjing-school.com>Minza Snyder <minzasnyder@nanjing-school.com>Ruth Clarke <ruthclarke@staff.nanjing-school.com>Andrew Messom <andrewmessom@staff.nanjing-school.com>Emily Johnson <emilyjohnson@staff.nanjing-school.com>Francis Morin <francismorin@staff.nanjing-school.com>

Reminder: All meetings and actions related to PP are documented and analyzed in the Process Journal. Your journal can include different media format such as video, audio or hand written entries. See the “NIS PPP Student Guide” to bring quality in your journal entries.

Supervisor’s Tips  (have a look students)

1. Best TIP: A clear goal is crucial!  Students have completed their initial planning when they get their “4 boxes” officially approved by a mentor.  Coming up with a clear goal will lead to focus and success. This is the next logical step.   The goal has to be fully aligned with the ideas of the “4 boxes”.  The rest of the journey is greatly affected by the clarity of the goal.

2.  Your student is using the Guide to the Personal Project (available on blog).

3.  Your student maintains a detailed Process Journal with all required components. (See category Process journal on blog)

4.  Refer to the assessment criteria when you communicate with your student.

5.  Refer to step by step sequence of PPP (see guide P. 17)

6.  Encourage your student at every meeting.  There is always something positive to notice. Remind them what they do well.

7.  When in doubt or unsure, consult with mentor PPP teacher about an issue or send your student for a consult or second opinion.

8. Provide more feedback and refrain advising student what to do.

Week 15: Dear supervisors(students should read)

Dear supervisors,
Thank you for your report about your student’s progress in the PPP.  I have already started to meet with students who are not on the path of success.
Remember that it is not your fault if you see that your student is not responding well to this type of challenge. It is the student’s responsibility to succeed in this project (not yours).
For example:
Students should be asking for meetings with you
It is not your job to unilaterarly schedule meetings with your student
You can suggest to your student that a meeting could be helpful
Ultimately it is their responsibility to chase you for help (not the opposite)
If you feel your student lack engagement and are not on a successful path as described in Week 15  PPP Blog post below please report to the student’s parents and to Ms Tyoschin or Mr Morin
The PPP due date is on February 6. Please do not wait for Semester 1 report to communicate issues and worries to parents (There is only 2 weeks between the Report and the PPP due date).
Thanks again for your valuable support!