Tuesday Sept 22: PP Full Day

PP FULL DAY Tuesday Sept. 22th 2015 MYP LGR

8:05 to 9:10  Introduction  (Mr. Morin)


Welcome (Mr Morin)

Sharing Activity (Ms Clarke)

Making Groups A B C based on progress so far(Mr Morin)

9:10  to 10:10  First Rotation

D-220 Gr. A: Work on your PP (Ms Clarke, Ms Johnson, Ms Keus)

MYP LGR Gr. B: Understanding the Criteria (Mr Marsh, Mr Messom)

TBC Room Gr. C: Format- Media- Turnitin (Ms Snyder, Mr Morin)

10:10 to 10:30  Break

10:30 to 11:30  2nd Rotation

D-220 Gr. B: Work on your PP (Ms Clarke, Ms Johnson, Ms Keus)

MYP LGR Gr. C: Understanding the Criteria (Mr Marsh, Mr Messom)

TBC Room Gr. A: Format- Media- Turnitin (Ms Snyder, Mr Morin)

11:30 to 12:30 3rd Rotation

D-220 Gr. C: Work on your PP (Ms Clarke, Ms Johnson, Ms Keus)

MYP LGR Gr. A: Understanding the Criteria (Mr Marsh, Mr Messom)

TBC Room Gr. B: Format- Media- Turnitin (Ms Snyder, Mr Morin)

12:30 to 13:30  Lunch

13:30 to 14:30

D-220 and MYP LGR   Gr. A B C Work on your own PP (All Mentors present)

Friday September 18: Extended Advisory MYP LGR

Agenda for Friday Sept. 18th 2015 Advisory – LGR

Ms Snyder: Organization and Tools

Go over Blog

3 Boxes – Signed by your supervisor and a mentor

Tuesday Sept 22nd: Outline of Day presented

Ms Keus

Student Guide & Timeline of the process

Mr Marsh 

Challenging goal, quality product, manageable and feasible at NIS

Extra Time:

Get 3 Boxes Signed – Chat

Printed Version of PP Student Guide


For PP Students and PP Supervisors:

For those who would really like a printed version of the PP Student Guide contact Mr Morin.  Please do only If you are convinced that you would use and appreciate a printed version. We will collect them back at end of year for use next year.

Subject of e-mail: “Printed Guide”.

To: francismorin@nanjing-school.com

Before 17:00h. TODAY!  Before 5:00 PM Today, Monday Sept. 14

Goal – Global Context – Product

Friday September 18 during extended advisory: all Grade 10 students will meet in the MYP LGR at 8:05

Please bring:

Your 3 Boxes signed by PP supervisor and at least one PP mentor.


The PP mentors are:

Amy Keus <amykeus@staff.nanjing-school.com>Robin Marsh <robinmarsh@staff.nanjing-school.com>Minza Snyder <minzasnyder@nanjing-school.com>Ruth Clarke <ruthclarke@staff.nanjing-school.com>Andrew Messom <andrewmessom@staff.nanjing-school.com>Emily Johnson <emilyjohnson@staff.nanjing-school.com>Francis Morin <francismorin@staff.nanjing-school.com>

Reminder: All meetings and actions related to PP are documented and analyzed in the Process Journal. Your journal can include different media format such as video, audio or hand written entries. See the “NIS PPP Student Guide” to bring quality in your journal entries.

24 hours before due date: Final Instructions

Personal Project: Final Instructions


Wednesday February 20th.

  • HARD copy of Report and Excerpt of Process Journal  to supervisor by 15:45
  • Product or evidence of outcome  to supervisor by 15:45
  • SOFT copy of Report and Excerpt of Process Journal to Drop Box is 18:00  Student large storage

2 PDF files in a folder with your name: PPP_first&last name_Report

PPP_first&last name_Excerpt

  • PDF Soft copy of Report to Turnitin due at 18:00  (PDF only)


Note: If supervisor is absent bring hard copies and product to C-142 before 15:45 Mr Morin


Structure of Report

Report Structure:

Title Page ( Student name, school name, year, title of project and length (word count if written)

Define the goal  including  (Title of project, Context, a clear goal,  how you intend to achieve your goal and an AoI focus)

Selection of Sources

Application of Information

Achieving the goal

Reflection on Learning



Excerpt of Process Journal  is a different document

The process journal is handed in to supervisor on due date and  may be returned to student.


Week 22 Feed back to one student can help you as well

Here is an example of feedback from Ms Keus to one student.  It is detailed and could help everyone with their last revision of report.

1) Your goal paragraph is unfocused and in past tense. It reads more like an “abstract” than an introduction. It needs to be in future tense and you need to state what your goal is and how you hope to achieve it
2) You have not listed your guiding question
3) You need to define your AOI more clearly
4) Specifications aren’t always clear
5) Selection of Sources has no in-text citations (which means you aren’t allowed to have a reference list, since they are matching pairs)
6) Your description of sources is vague because you don’t evaluate specific sources, but rather just talk about general genres.
7) You have off-topic sentences (e.g. talking about getting books when you should be evaluating books)
8) Your application of information section is too small
9) Your reflection on learning section meets only 1 of the 3 criteria descriptors – You have not reflected on your learning or on your AOI
10) Your reference list has incorrect information. You have not added authors’ names and dates even when they are readily available.
11) Appendices need to be finished