Process Journal

What is Process Journal?
The process journal is:  The process journal isn’t: 
  •  used throughout the project to document its development
  • an evolving record of intents, processes, accomplishments
  • a place to record initial thoughts and developments, brainstorming, possible lines of inquiry and further questions raised
  • a place for recording interactions with sources, for example teachers, supervisors, external contributors
  • a place to record selected, annotated and/or edited research and to maintain a bibliography
  • a place for storing useful information, for example quotations, pictures, ideas, photographs
  • a means of exploring ideas and solutions
  • a place for evaluating work completed
  • a place for reflecting on learning
  • devised by the student in a format that suits his or her needs
  • a record of reflections and formative feedback received. 
  •  used on a daily basis (unless this is useful for the student)
  • written up after the process has been completed
  • additional work on top of the project; it is part of and supports the project
  • a diary with detailed writing about what was done
  • a static document with only one format.


  • Select a maximum of 10 individual extracts
  • Extracts should simply be supporting evidence of the process and will not be individually assessed.
Journal samples from the IB OCC
PPP journal sample-1
PPP journal sample-2

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