At NIS we believe that Social Emotional Learning underpins everything we do.

The School Counselor will teach targeted lessons throughout the year in each classroom K1 – 5.

Core Practices 

  • Morning Meeting:
    • Greeting
    • Sharing
    • Group Activity
    • Morning Message
  • Teacher Language: The Power of Our Word by Paula Denton (RC) in the NIS Library and C/ELL room
  • Interactive Modeling
  • Responding to Misbehavior
  • Academic Choice
  • Quiet Time



 Morning Meeting

The Power of Our Words

 Interactive Modeling

 The Joyful Classroom

 Teaching Children to Care is in the C/ELL room to check out

 Morning Meeting Ideas K – 2


 Rules in School

 Teasing, Tattling, Defiance

 Sammy and His Behavior Problems