Assembly sign-up dates

 Assembly Performances Sign-up Sheet

Assembly Date Who’s leading it Name(s) Class What will be performed
Friday 2nd September Gr.3 1.     Seongyun 5A Piano – ‘The Entertainer’
Friday 3oth September K2 1.     Makenzie 2B Singing ‘RoAR’
Friday 21st October Teacher led 1.     Shi-Yu 4B Violin
Friday 4th November PYP Variety Show



Friday 18th November Book Week assembly 1.     Sunny 3A Piano
Friday 2nd December PE – blue gym n/a
Friday 16th December Holiday assembly PYP choir – leading the holiday assembly song


Friday 20th January PK 1.     Kiki 3B Piano
Friday 27th January

Whole School – duplicate

Chinese New Year Assembly

Friday 3rd March

Gr.2 to 5 Production (PK to 9


Friday 17th March K1 1. Tinna 5B Piano
Friday 31st March Gr.1 1.    
Friday 21st April Gr.2 1.    
Friday 5th May Gr.4 1.    
Friday 19th May EY Production 1.    
Monday 29th May PYPX assembly 1.    
Friday 2nd June PYP 1.    
Friday 16th June End of yr. duplicate n/a